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Trans Nations International Church of the Cross

What has happened?

Revelation of the rapture of the church and the time thereafter.

The first Pentecostal church Pastor in Trondheim, Olav Rogde, is conveying a revelation of the rapture of the church.

What I am writing here, was revealed for me one morning in the city of Bergen while I was praying. I was very much  moved by the vision. It came to me just as if I was reading a book  – a small pamphlet – and my mind was not at all occupied by the rapture in that moment.

It arose in me that I should write it down, but it didn´t axactly stand for me as a revelation. In a way I wanted todismiss that thought, and said to myself that this was just my imagination, but I couldn´t rest in my spirit. I then said to GOD: "I cannot remember all of this. If it is to be written down, You have to give it to me one more time.”

Two weeks past by. Then it came over me again.It was like sitting down and read a story from a newspaper or a book. The time was now 10PM. I grabbed a pencil.An old notebook was right there, which I wrote everything down in. I wrote and I wrote until the time reached 1AM. Then I couldn´t do anymore (I was in my 79th year). I requested to rest, and if there were more, that GOD would give it to me next day. I layed down and fell fast asleep.

Another week went by. But then, the vision came back one evening at 10PM. It was a direct continuation from were it ended last time.

The Revelation/ The Vision.

It is 9AM. Mrs Andersen is sitting by the radio and listening to the childrens hour. It was so good today, some religion was also included in the program, and it should always be like that. The little ones must not have too much religion, it could be unhealthy. About four five minutes could have past by, when the radio host suddenly was interruptedda.

There is a sensational report from Oslo: -The city is in total panic! The police is reporting that something extraordinary has happened. Quite a few, impossible to give exact number, children and adults vanished without any trace. The authority cannot take on to put out missing person notice  on all the missing people, since it is such a high number of missing persons, too many, but they encourage those families which has lost loved ones, to give as far as possible, exact information about when and where and how the disappearence happened. It is necessary to get an overview, and get to the bottom of the mystery.

A few minutes later, the radio announced that at Stortorvet a pair of merchants disappeared suddenly as they were shopping. A customer who bought flowers said that she wanted to pay for the flowers, and the husband picked up change of money from a big bag when he suddenly disappeared! She heard that he said, "Thank you JESUS! But she saw him no more. She rubbed her eyes, for she thought it had become so foggy in front of her. But the man was gone, and the fog also disappeared right away.

At the same time a young woman began to scream awful, while tearing herself into an empty stroller. She ran and shouted: "Someone has stolen my child!" It's a boy, eight months old! Where is he? Where is the police?

Well, the police were there, but what could they do? From all angles there was calling for help. A big, thick businessman came running out of his business and shouted: - Help! Help! Two of my agents just disappeared at the counter!

But what is this? Also from Stockholm, there are reports coming in about disappearances similar to that in Oslo, and the city is in panic. It is announced that several police officers are among those who have disappeared.

Now Copenhagen and Helsinki have also sent a reports about similar events. From other countries, it also begins to flow in reports about all who have disappeared. Everywhere there are children and adults who have disappeared. Police are reluctant and powerless to the mystery.

No and no, says Mrs Andersen. Lord GOD, what is this? She gets up and walks out to the gate and looks down the street. It's a beautiful villa street, nice little houses with gardens around. There comes Mrs Håland. She is covering her eyes and shouts so horrific: - Ruth! Ruth! Then she sees Mrs Andersen and asks: "Have you seen any strangers passing by? Ruth has disappeared! She sat on the stairs outside our house while I stood and arranged a rose bush, and then she disappeared. Totally gone! I shouted and screamed for Ruth, but nobody answered. I thought I saw something went up the road, but you're getting very confused so it almost makes you dizzy, you see and think so much strange things. But Ruth! Ruth! Where are you? Who has taken her? She cries in despair.

But there comes Mr. Andersen. - Are you coming now? say Mrs Andersen. - The time is only half past ten. "Yes, I couldn´t take it anymore, it's a total confusion all over there at the yard. Many workers has gone missing mysteriously. Several machines have stopped, and it was believed in the beginning that several accidents had occurred. We looked around, but we did not find a trace of anyone of those who had disappeared. But then, he who said that he was a Christian and attended meetings began to say - I do not remember what his name is - to say: - Now it has happened! Now it has happened! - What has happened? I asked. - JESUS has taken all of His! He twisted his hands and weeped and shouted: "I've been left behind! I'm left!

I asked him to end that talk, but he just got worse. It was terrible to listen to him. Yes, there were actually others who had it in the same way. But downtown it was even worse. It was chaos in the traffic. Drivers and passengers had disappeared from buses and cars. The trams had stopped and formed long queues, and the buses and cars that had drivers tried to get through. But people were out of themselves, ran around and looked for their loved ones. The police stood powerless.

Mrs. Håland cries, twists her hands and runs home. Mr. Andersen and his wife gets inside. The radio is set to Bergen: From all places there are reports of people who have disappeared. The phone has been ringing all morning with questions and reports about this horrible event. From several ships at the port, people have disappeared. At the CCU department, all newborns have disappeared. Mothers are weeping in despair. The midwives and nurses are terrified, but some of them are gone missing. In the old people home, several have gone missing.

At eleven o'clock the radio announces - this time from London - that at around 9AM today, reports from all around Great Britain, that a lot of children and adults had disappeared without finding the slightest traces of them. Of those who disappeared, no one returned. It's all a mystery. Some priests have summoned the congregation, and found that it is the most god-fearing, and those who prayed a lot of their members who is missing. Also a lot of priests and ministers are among those who have disappeared. A bishop in a larger denomination has convened his priests for a meeting tonight.

Now it's three and a half hours since the first report came in from Oslo, and it continuies with new reports from all countries about people who have disappeared. In the Far East, from Korea, comes the most sensational report. It is believed that there have disappeared hundreds of thousands of people there.

Describing the events as they have been in these first hours is completely impossible. Everyone is terrified. On the streets people rush back and forth and twist their hands, especially the mothers who have lost their children. But many scorn and curse GOD and man. A man comes running down the street, twisting his hands and shouting: "Watch out! Watch out! We'll be taken all of us! He probably lost his mind. An elderly woman standing by a street corner, with folded hands and looks up to heaven. Then she says: "Oh, no, when we didn´t prepare ourselves so that we joined when he was here, no one will be taken up afterwards. Oh my GOD! JESUS, help us! Now, it has happened! I have been religious all my life, but I did not think he would come so quickt. I haven´t taken things seriously enough.

From the railway it is reported that no direct accidents have occurred. But a train is at Finse without the driver and a conductor. Orders are sent out to all track guards, to look closely along the line for people who may have jumped off eastbound trains and possibly been killed, because more travelers have gone missing. Similarly, from the fjord and coastal ships, people who have disappeared are reported.

Tonight there was some kind of an announcment in the news, which encouraged people to be calm and not be afraid. Police and the authority are working diligently everywhere to determine the number of people who have disappeared. Likewise, the scientists - and special meteorologists - are working to find the cause of this strange phenomenon.

Now, reports from the United States coomes in, that it also is flowing in to the police in the eastern states of a similar nature as in Norway. Major catastrophes are reported in the traffic and many people have been killed. The newspapers believe that tomorrow morning, we will get a more detailed overview of what has happened in the states.

The time now is 8PM, and by the news it appears that this disaster has the same effect all over the world. So far, the larger cities are the ones we know most about, but from the rural areas, the reports now begin to flow in.

On the southern hemisphere something has happened quite similar, and it seems to have been parallel to what we have experienced here. A horrible unrest is found everywhere. It looks like people do not dare to go to sleep this evening.In the streets discussions are hysterical of what has happened. One gets more and more to the conclusion that it has with Christians and Christianity to do. Those who knew those who disappeared know to tell - together with their relatives - that there are only Christian fanatics and innocent children who has disappeared.

A port worker expressed himself like this tonight: "Yes, Hans Olsen has gone away too, and now he got it the way he preached about it, that Jesus was coming to get him soon! - Yes, someone else answered, we also had one like that, and he also disappeared. But now must the authority take care of this and ban all religion, so that something like this is not going to happen again. - Oh no! said one of the peers. - It's never going to happen again! They have been right, these Christians after all, they had a prediction about this. Had we just listened to them, we might have had better off than living in this hell and this chaos that we now have over us and will get more of.

- Really, so you believed in them? Then you should follow them when they left! said another. - I wish I had been able to! he  answered and went away. Someone shouted after him: "You should be hanged, you and everybody else who is involved with this insane Christianity.

The next day, the newspapers could not give any explanation. Everything is and stay as a mystery.

Similar reports are coming in from all countries. From missionary fields it is reported that many Christians have disappeared. Only a few of the Christians have been left behind there.

It turned out that there were quite a few priests and ministers present at the convened church meeting, but many were also taken up. It was a nervous and gloomy atmosphere. Many were completely unhappy, says the report. But there was not the slightest doubt about what had happened, it was the rapture of the saints, or the taking of the bride.

Some acknowledged that, despite their theological education and their studies of GOD's words, they never thought that this would happen in this way. They were strangers to the new birth and being a child of GOD, an heir. A young priest said: - I have never learned it this way! The professors never spoke of it the way that has happened this day! There was a tendency for discussion, but the minds were too upset for it to be orderly, wrote the journalist.

When the police had approached the general public to hear its opinion, a report from the church meeting was written down that most of the attendants agreed upon: "What has happened is a predicted Biblical event, the so-called" Rapture of the Bride "- or that JESUS has retrieved all of His." This is all we can say today.

The police did not want to publish the priest's statement, as they believed that this was a foster of nervous and hysterical imagination. The incident was also of such a large nature that the matter had to be addressed in the government. If it has  something  to do with the Christian religion, then they should shut down all churches and religious gatherings until you get a better overview and everything is being clarified. This is a problem that has affected all nations, so it may be a common proposition for the matter. Then the United Nations must be the right forum to address the matter and investigate it thoroughly.

In the Christian camp, the atmosphere seems to be very oppressing. Yesterday, Sunday, all churches and facilities were filled with people. Many congregations were without ministers, and many of the members were missing. In many denominations, there were few believers left, but in return there was a very influx of outsiders, and in most cases of those whose home was "hit by the big accident" as it was expressed expressed.

People wanted to hear GOD's words, but it was like gone. They attempted to read. He said, "I do not understand anything! They gave the Bible to another, and he said, "I can not read! Others cried. The great mass seemed to agree that Christianity was the direct cause of this tragic event, and believed that they could get a good explanation of this matter from the Christians. Many also came to seek GOD's help. They were deeply unhappy.

At most of the meetings, there was a lot of confusion. A man hit with his fist, and shouted to a preacher: "It's your fault that so many of us have been left behind! You never spoke about the coming back of JESUS, and that it would happen soon, and even less about having a pure heart and being filled with the Holy Ghost, as well as have your case with GOD and fellow human beings in order. I know what kept me back, it's just small things, yes, small things, but - but ... Lord GOD, help!

- Shut up! said the pastor. He believed that he had done his duty, and thus one blamed the other, crying and in despair.

They knocked on the door, but the door was closed. The condition was undescribeable, the way it unfolded. People realized that a terrible time stood ahead of them. It was like in the air that all hope was gone. The gate was closed. They knocked and shouted - all those who had indulged in empty Christian phrases and speeches. Some had been attending because their friends were there, others only for different interests in song and music and things - all without being born again and without being a child of GOD and thus the inheritance right. Yes, for many, the life of the congregation was merely a union, a hobby to make your free time go faster. But now, they all knocked at the closed door: "Lord! Master! Open up for us!

To all of this, they came across the dreadful rumors that the third world war was breaking out at any time. The diplomatic connection between East and West was broken.

When it came to the rapture and the Christians, it did´nt take the authorities long before they had made their decision. From the East states it was reported that the Communist countries were at the forefront, banning all Christian activities and Christian gatherings. It became a death penalty for those who mentioned the name of JESUS. The countries were to  be cleansed for all Christian literature. With the Bible at the top, everything should be burned. It meant death, to be in possession of the very least that reflected or reminded of Christ.

In the Western states. it took a little bit longer before such a ban was introduced. But the godless masses - both among the leaders and among the people - was shocked at what had happened and demanded that something had to be done. The majority prevailed, and when Christianity was the cause of the incident, the result was clear.

Then the most horrible time of all times began in the history of humanity. A large number of Christians who was left behind were continuing to shout to GOD and would not comply with the prohibition of the authorities. It meant prison sentence with interrogations for Gestapo methods.

If you will curse and deny JESUS CHRIST, then you will be able to save your life! That was the parole. But thousands were firm, and the massacres were indescribable. Many were tortured in a cruel way until they died. There was no law and right anymore. Satan was unleashed.

Woe to the earth and those who live on it! There were many who succumbed to the torture. They had nowhere to fly because "the whole world was in the hand of evil".

All nations agreed that the Christians had to be wiped out. The prince of this world had the power. Children betrayed their parents to death. Now it came to pass, as it is written in Luke 21:16-17, "And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.."

It is impossible to describe this condition, but GOD has portrayed it all in Revelation. And the great cry of these unhappy were: - Lord! You must shorten these days!

Ending and greeting from Olav Rogne.

Dear friend! Don´t risk being left behind. Go before the face of Almighty GOD, pray humbly for light and mercy. Yet today it's time, yet today you can be sealed as the property of JESUS CHRISTIAN, and you can join when He comes back.

Aftermath and greeting from Pastor Kjell Magne Longva.

What will you do with JESUS, my friend?

JESUS is coming soon and no one comes to the Father without Him.

JESUS is the way, the truth and the life.

The cross is the place and Jesus is the answer.

Throw yourself in the Savior's arms, lay down at His feet!

Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!

JESUS stands at the door and knocks, let him in!




Norwegian/ Norvégien

Bare på grunn av Jesu blod, så kan vi stå trygg og rotfestet. Vi er på vei til himlens land. Bare i Jesu blod har vi fred. Bare i Jesu blod kan vi tre frem for Faderens trone. Med frimodighet tre frem fordi vi er skjult i Jesu blod som ble ytgytt på Golgata kors. Det er bare korsveien som fører hjem!

Dersom du ikke har del i dette, så gir vi herved denne hilsen; "Du kan også også få del i dette i dag, i denne stund ved å ta imot Jesus Kristus som din personlige frelser og gjenløser. Du kan unnfly helvete og vinne himmelen."

Vær så snill! Knel ned og bøy ditt hjerte og enkelt utsi disse ord som har evighets-betydning: " Jesus, jeg kommer til deg slik som jeg er. Tilgi meg mine synder og rens meg i ditt dyrebare blod. Kom inn i mitt hjerte og helbred meg og la meg bli din og du min. Min frelser og gjenløser, jeg elsker deg og jeg tar imot deg som min, mitt alt. Skinn i mitt hjerte og lær meg din vei dag for dag slik at jeg når himmelens land og kan tilbringe evigheten med deg. Takk Jesus!"

Ved å virkelig tro og si/ gjøre dette, så har du blitt født på nytt!

Guds ord sier klart og tydelig at dersom du tror i ditt hjerte og bekjenner med din munn, så skal du bli frelst!

Rom. 10:9-10

9 For dersom du med din munn bekjenner at Jesus er Herre, og i ditt hjerte tror at Gud reiste ham opp fra de døde, da skal du bli frelst. 10 Med hjertet tror en til rettferdighet, og med munnen bekjenner en til frelse.




Engelsk/ Anglais

Because of the blood of Jesus, we stand secure and steadfast. We are on our way to heaven. Only in the blood of Jesus we have peace. Only in the blood of Jesus, we can come before the throne of our Father. Boldly come before Him because we are covered in the blood of Jesus, which was shed on the cross at Golgata. It is only the way of the cross that leads home!

If you havent taken part in this yet, then we would like to hand you this greeting.; "You can also be a part of this today, at this moment by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and redeemer. You can flee Hell and gain Heaven."


Kneel down and bow your heart and simply speak these words, which is going to have everlasting meaning: " Jesus, I come to you as I am. Forgive me my sins and clens me in your precious blood. Come in to my heart and heal me and let me be yours and you mine. My Savior and Redeemer, I love you and I accept You as mine, my everything. Shine in my heart and teach me your way day by day so that I can reach the heavenly land, and spend eternity with You. Thank You Jesus!"

By really believing and saying/ doing this, then you are born again!

The word of God crystal clear says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, then you will be saved!

Rom. 10:9-10

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.