Trans Nations International Church of the Cross

Who and What is TNICC?

First of all; what is TNICC? TNICC is an abbreviation for Trans Nations International Church of the Cross and is a Pentecostal Church established in Minnesund.The Church is  not a part of the Norwegian Pentecostal Organization, but a freestanding Pentecostal Church.

The Church was founded on the basis of the calling from God to stand up for God. To preach the Gospel clear and unambiguous without putting anything in between. To be a voice in this time of confusion. To come back to The Cross! The Church is standing on the ground of the word and the blood!

  The founding came after a lengthen period before the throne of our Father in Heaven, in prayer and seeking His will. The calling was confirmed and the Church established December 2013. The most important issue, is the salvation of souls in addition to being a clear voice iagainst falce prophets and the twisting of the word of God, which is not pleasing The Lord. Furthermore, the Church will be a refuge for those whom does no longer find their spiritual home, which no longer  have peace where they are. If this is in a congregation or group varies, but brands in spirit intensification and confusion. The most important sign, which is revealing in the spiritual world, is that you leave a service in greaf. If you leave a service burdened in greaf, as a born again soul, then there is something wrong. And if it happens over and over again, then it is time to ask yourself the question whether to continue to go or not. TNICC will not tell the individual, what to do. However, TNICC will tell you that the first and foremost need for you, and the right place to go, is to the throne of our Father and seek His will. Pray and force yourself before the foot of the Cross and seek His will and good things will be your part!

Meetingplace for the Nations!

One of the big elements in the calling, is to serve you whom have come to this country and have a different language as your mothers toungel. Spesifically The Lord has placed on the heart that there will be seperate services in Norwegian and  English. This will meet the multitude that has arrived our country, or just spending a shorter or longer visit. You can come and praise the Lord in your own language.

Furthermore, the young ones are put on the heart. The Lord has spoken that we shall be spiritual Fathers and Mothers. There are so many going without guidance. TNICC will serve diligently and strong on this through the children and youth ministrie. Also to have a strong ministrie for the young older individuals. The marriage shall be in focus where there will be seperate gatherings for those getting married, and those whom are married and have been married for a while.

TNICC emphasizes the Bible as Gods infallible Word and effective with all the fullness. The Holy Spirit shall have freedom to glorify our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!

Here are some keywords, which will come back later:

a) Evangelism:

Jesus sent us out to preach to all people, and to deliver and heal in His name. Therefore, we believe that  the entire congregation shall be an evangelism tool, where the individual is a witness in their daily lives. Although TNICC is a local church, we want to be part of the revival that moves forward  worldwide. The church will with different resources contribute to spreading the gospel to all people.

b) Preaching and Teaching:

Preaching and Teaching the word of God ; with the signs and wonders that follows and confirms the word (Mark16:20). We believe in a revival where "The word of God moves and gains great power" (Apg19:20).

c) Fellowship:

The congregation meets regularly, both in big meetings and in smaller fellowship groups in the homes. The Church shall be an environment where Jesus is lifted up, and the individual experiences proximity and open hearts. The church vision is to make Jesus known, believed, loved and wholehearted followed in a serving and fullfilled fellowship. We wish to reach the multicultural groups and stand for a Christian unity local, national and international.

d) Praise and Worship:

Praise and Worship of Jesus Christ is a key to experience Gods precense and glory. The church will therefore use much time to praise the name of the Lord.

e) Prayer:

Prayers and intercessions is the most important part of a living church. The church emphazises the regular  gathering for prayer, and takes good time to this ministrie in the services.




Contact Information

Trans Nations International Church of the Cross


Dorrvegen 51

2092 Minnesund


Organization Number

NO 912 862 291



Tel: + 47 45 28 99 25

Our Bank Connection is

Bankaccount number

9235 38 58329


Our Partners and affiliated Partners!


Coming back to the  cross of Jesus Christ

Affiliated Partners

Noun for Christ




Norwegian/ Norvégien

Bare på grunn av Jesu blod, så kan vi stå trygg og rotfestet. Vi er på vei til himlens land. Bare i Jesu blod har vi fred. Bare i Jesu blod kan vi tre frem for Faderens trone. Med frimodighet tre frem fordi vi er skjult i Jesu blod som ble ytgytt på Golgata kors. Det er bare korsveien som fører hjem!

Dersom du ikke har del i dette, så gir vi herved denne hilsen; "Du kan også også få del i dette i dag, i denne stund ved å ta imot Jesus Kristus som din personlige frelser og gjenløser. Du kan unnfly helvete og vinne himmelen."

Vær så snill! Knel ned og bøy ditt hjerte og enkelt utsi disse ord som har evighets-betydning: " Jesus, jeg kommer til deg slik som jeg er. Tilgi meg mine synder og rens meg i ditt dyrebare blod. Kom inn i mitt hjerte og helbred meg og la meg bli din og du min. Min frelser og gjenløser, jeg elsker deg og jeg tar imot deg som min, mitt alt. Skinn i mitt hjerte og lær meg din vei dag for dag slik at jeg når himmelens land og kan tilbringe evigheten med deg. Takk Jesus!"

Ved å virkelig tro og si/ gjøre dette, så har du blitt født på nytt!

Guds ord sier klart og tydelig at dersom du tror i ditt hjerte og bekjenner med din munn, så skal du bli frelst!

Rom. 10:9-10

9 For dersom du med din munn bekjenner at Jesus er Herre, og i ditt hjerte tror at Gud reiste ham opp fra de døde, da skal du bli frelst. 10 Med hjertet tror en til rettferdighet, og med munnen bekjenner en til frelse.




Engelsk/ Anglais

Because of the blood of Jesus, we stand secure and steadfast. We are on our way to heaven. Only in the blood of Jesus we have peace. Only in the blood of Jesus, we can come before the throne of our Father. Boldly come before Him because we are covered in the blood of Jesus, which was shed on the cross at Golgata. It is only the way of the cross that leads home!

If you havent taken part in this yet, then we would like to hand you this greeting.; "You can also be a part of this today, at this moment by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and redeemer. You can flee Hell and gain Heaven."


Kneel down and bow your heart and simply speak these words, which is going to have everlasting meaning: " Jesus, I come to you as I am. Forgive me my sins and clens me in your precious blood. Come in to my heart and heal me and let me be yours and you mine. My Savior and Redeemer, I love you and I accept You as mine, my everything. Shine in my heart and teach me your way day by day so that I can reach the heavenly land, and spend eternity with You. Thank You Jesus!"

By really believing and saying/ doing this, then you are born again!

The word of God crystal clear says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, then you will be saved!

Rom. 10:9-10

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.